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Rosicrucian - Mandami - 1.pdf. Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins, by Manly P. Hall of present-day Masons strenuously oppose any effort put forth to interpret Masonic symbols in the light of philosophy. They are seemingly obsessed by the fear that from their ritualism may be extracted a meaning more profound than is actually contained therein.

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symbol of Dee was used by the Rosicrucians, they imported the cross. Either on purpose or by accident, the cross was then linked to Christianity. But Dee implied no such link. As he said explicitly, the cross represented the elements and nothing else. It was and remained an alchemical or physical symbol, not a Christian symbol.

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Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians Between 1785 and 1788 an unknown Rosicrucian compiled text and images from earlier materials that deal with Alchemy, Mysticism and other Rosicrucian themes. It was first published in two parts in Altona, Germany.

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4. The egregore of the Rosicrucian Order is symbolized by a square pyramid of light surmounted by the rosy cross. You can probably think of the many places in your monographs and in our Chapter and Lodge Convocation Ritual where we work with this symbol. Tonight we will attune with and use the Rosicrucian egregore in a variety of ways. 5.

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Hartmann’s version of the Secret Symbols (Cosmology or Universal Science &c. &c. &c., Boston, 1888) is woefully incomplete and garbled, a travesty rather than a translation. The introductory material from the AMORC edition (a one-page preface by H. Spencer Lewis, a two-page unsigned foreword, probably by the translator, and a two-.

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